Our Work with States

Chainbridge has been working with state governments for over a decade on tax models, various consulting projects, and transfer pricing analyses. Click on the link below to learn more about how Chainbridge has aided states in the past. With our ComplianceLinks and PolicyLinks software suites, Chainbridge offers valuable insight for any state

About Us

Chainbridge has been in the business of tax modeling and transfer pricing since the year 2000, but the experience our team has accumulated is unmatched in today’s marketplace. Our team has been working in the tax industry since the 1980s, and we offer peerless expertise in the world of tax. Meet the leadership behind Chainbridge by clicking on the link below.

State Tax Models

The tax modeling software Chainbridge’s team has developed is unprecedented in both its sophistication and its fidelity. By using microdata, Chainbridge gives states the ability to accurately predict how policy changes affect taxpayers. The PolicyLinks system makes it easy for users, allowing them to run these simulations in a simple and intuitive way.

Transfer Pricing

For over a decade Chainbridge has been assisting state governments using federal transfer pricing regulations to enforce corporate tax compliance. Learn more about transfer pricing and our ComplianceLinks system.

Tax Models

Learn about Chainbridge Software’s revolutionary policy analysis system, PolicyLinks, the most advanced micro simulation tax policy modeling system available today. PolicyLinks allows users to model sophisticated policy initiatives for any tax type and identifies the impact with remarkable accuracy.

Our Team

The Chainbridge team is effectively peerless in today’s marketplace. Learn more about the Chainbridge leadership, and what has made us the best company at providing tax solutions to states.