Employment Opportunies


Chainbridge Software, LLC

Morgantown, WV

Chainbridge Software, LLC is looking for a qualified Software and Database Development Engineer – in the short term, to support ongoing operations in providing client services relating to its PolicyLinks system. The principal responsibility for this engineer will be to learn to develop and document the processes involved in constructing and maintaining micro databases for its PolicyLinks system. Chainbridge has been in business for over twenty years. Its clients include US state tax agencies and currently over 30 modules of the system are in use across the country. Providing support to clients is of the utmost importance.

 In the social sciences, a microsimulation model is a computer program that mimics the operation of government programs and demographic processes on individual (“micro”) members of a population—people, households, or businesses, for example. For each observation the computer program simulates outcomes of interest—such as income tax liabilities or Social Security benefits—by applying actual or hypothetical program rules to data about that observation. Each individual result is combined to obtain an aggregate. PolicyLinks microsimulation modules include the individual income tax module and the corporate income tax module.

 PolicyLinks micro databases include the individual income tax database and the corporate income tax database. The individual income tax database includes every individual income tax return in a state; the corporate income tax database includes every corporate income tax return in a state. These databases must be cleaned, and sometimes statistically “merged” with other databases. Chainbridge has developed software (in Java) to create these databases for PolicyLinks users. There are a variety of processes employed in the development of these databases. These processes must be documented, replicated and improved upon as needed.

Here’s what we need the qualified individual who will work with the Vice President of Software Development, the President and the CEO of Chainbridge to do:

 As stated above, in the short term,

  •  Support ongoing operations in providing client services relating to its PolicyLinks system, including taking calls from clients and assisting in responding to issues that arise.
  •  Assist the Vice President of Software Development in carrying out day-to-day operations.
  •  Be trained in the use of the PolicyLinks system and become acquainted with its user group.
  •  Pick up existing micro database development code and document it, ensuring that results are replicated for each step in each process.Be prepared to submit to fingerprint and government   background checks (our software accesses confidential taxpayer information and we take our commitment to protecting taxpayer information extremely seriously).
  •  Learn to develop and deploy PolicyLinks databases (including sales tax databases).
  •  Attend the annual Federation of Tax Administrators Revenue Estimating conference and host our booth.
  •  Perform demonstrations and participate in conversations with existing and potential clients, both virtually and in person.

 In the longer term, develop hands-on expertise in the full lifecycle of software development, microsimulation modeling, and transfer pricing, as well as:

  •  Develop and deploy micro databases on an ongoing basis.
  •  Participate in tax research efforts relating to both tax policy and transfer pricing, generating and publishing tax research papers, presenting research results at conferences.
  •  Be prepared to train the next Software and Database Development Engineer when that becomes necessary.

Required Technical Skills

Languages – Java, SQL, PLSQL, XML, C, C

Frameworks – JEE7, JPA, EJB, JMS, REST, JDBC, Javassist, Java POI

Databases – SQL Server, Oracle

Tools – Jboss, Maven, Wildfly, Git, Eclipse IDE, SharePoint, Office

Methodologies – Rapid Application Design (RAD), Agile, Waterfall